Thursday, July 05, 2007


This weekend a lot of my friends and colleagues will be gathering in Leicester for the Romantic Novelists' Association conference. This is a fairly small and intimate conference. Lots of networking, generous help for new writers from the veterans and inspiring speakers, but most of all fun. I really, really wish I was there, but I'm sweating over a hot deadline, suffering for my art :)

I did, however, send a little something for the "goodie" bag, just so that no one will forget me. This is what conference goers will find in their bags. Would you like one? And a copy of my August book, REUNITED: MARRIAGE IN A MILLION?

Here's the opening prologue, just to tempt you...

The car is here. Your paparazzi army are forming their usual guard of honour.’

Ivo was waiting, his face expressionless. Waiting for her to back down, tell him that she wouldn’t go and Belle had to fight back the treacherous sting of tears.

She didn’t cry, ever.

Why couldn’t he understand? Why couldn’t he see that she hadn’t chosen to spend ten days cycling over the Himalayas on some whim!

This was important to her. Something she needed to do.

By demanding she drop out at a moment’s notice to play hostess at one of his power-broking weekends at his country house in Norfolk, he was making it plain that nothing, not her career, certainly not some charity stunt, was as important as being his wife.

That he had first call on her.

If only she could have told him, explained. But if she’d done that, he wouldn’t want her to stay...

‘I have to go,’ she said.

For a moment she thought he was going to say something, but instead he nodded, picked up the heavy rucksack that contained everything she would need for the next three weeks and reached for the door handle.

By the time it was open, Belle was wearing a smile for the cameras. She paused briefly on the step with Ivo at her side, then they made their way to the car.

The chauffeur took the rucksack and while he was stowing it, Ivo took her hand, looked down at her with grave eyes that never betrayed what he was thinking.

‘Look after yourself.’

‘Ivo...’ She stopped herself from begging him to come to the airport with her. ‘I’ll be passing through Hong Kong on my way home. If you happened to find you had some business there, maybe we could take a few days...’

He made no comment, he never made promises he could not keep, but simply kissed her cheek, helped her into the car, repeating his directive to “take care” before closing the door. She turned as the car pulled away, but he had already turned away, was striding up the steps to the house, wanting to get back to work.

The chauffeur stopped at the drop-off point, loaded her bag onto a trolley, wished her good luck and then she was alone. Not alone, as a woman with a loving husband waiting at home might feel.

Just ... alone.

(I've had complaints that my hero is not shown wearing his famous towel -- mentioning no names Kate Walker! -- but I thought it might be nice to concentrate on his face for once!)

If you want a chance to win a copy of Reunited: Marriage in a Million, the first book in the SECRETS WE KEEP trilogy, then email me with the names of all three books and their authors with Tote Bag Secrets in the subject line and your snail mail addy so that I can mail straight out to the winner.
You'll find the answer on my website along with an email link. I'll draw the prize on 10th July.


CrystalG said...

Sounds like a great book. :)

Sue A. said...

A very tempting prologue! Makes me want more.

And Liz we appreciate all the suffering you do in the name of art, but remember to take a breather for yourself this weekend.

Lois said...

I second Sue there. . . but really, you can tell me. . .you're just saying you have a deadline because you're really just staying home with Hugh Jackman there. ;)


Stacy S said...

Great excerpt. Very nice cover too.

Cherie J said...

Sounds great!

Liz Fielding said...

I've drawn the winner from everyone who entered the competition for a copy of Reunited: Marriage in a Million. It's Robyn and a copy of the book is on its way to her.

Thanks everyone for taking part.

robynl said...

Oh wow, I won; thanks so much and I look forward to receiving the book. E-mail on it's way to you Liz.

deseng said...

Ooo...the book sounds great! I can't wait to read it! You take care of yourself.