Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vicki Lewis Thompson - Gift Boxes Anonymous

I can’t believe I’m blogging! Thank you, Lee, for enticing me – sounds better than dragging, doesn’t it? – into the blogosphere. I’m basically a blog virgin, so be gentle.

By way of introduction, I’ve written a bunch of books for Harlequin and recently I’ve been writing the Nerd series for St. Martin’s Press. I’ll get a plug in later, but first of all, is everyone finished shopping?

Please don’t tell my editor, but I’m playing major writing hooky these days so I can buy presents. I love the buying part. The crowds, not so much, so I’m going online for some things. But you don’t get to touch your online purchase, which is a definite drawback. I’m a touchy-feely present buyer, even with books.
So I now have a mound of presents, and there’s the wrapping issue. I love the cute gift boxes that make wrapping obsolete, but here’s my problem – I fall in love with the boxes. Is it okay to give a present in a box and then snatch the box and keep it? I have some boxes I don’t want to use for giving presents in case the giftee wants the box, too. Coveting the box for myself sort of defeats the point of buying the boxes in the first place.

Maybe you’re a gift-bag person. Bags are nice, and I feel like keeping some of those, too, but not with the same passion I feel for the boxes. I may start a Gift Boxes Anonymous for those who can’t control their craving.

So happy holidays to the boxers, the baggers and the wrappers. Now here comes the plug. *After* the holidays, I have a book coming out. January 2, to be exact. It’s MY NERDY VALENTINE, and if you get some Christmas money or a B&N gift card . . . That’s all I’m saying.

So, Lee, did I blog okay?


deseng said...

Hi Vicki!
Great to see you hear blogging! You sure do get around!

I am definitely a box person also. I just recently bought this small 4" square box that is decorated with a 3-dimensional snowman on it's lid. It is so cute! I am definitely thinking of keeping it and not using it for a present.
It would make a great decoration on my coffee table next to my Hallmark stuffed singing snowman with his dog. You probably saw this on t.v. last year on the Hallmark commercials.

I like bags also! I use them tote books in, supplies, etc. When they get worn out, a new one takes its place.

I wish you a very blessed Christmas!
Michele Rioli

Lee Hyat said...

You did great, Vicki! :) I'm delighted you decided to join us!

Lee ::another gift-box-aholic::

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Shopping is done! But I'm Hanukkah, so I have to be done before Christmas. I love the gift boxes too, so I stick to bags. I wind up thinking the boxes look cute on top of my book case and not using them for gifts. Well, a gift to me. Still.

LOVED My Nerdy Valentine. But then, I miss trivia nights. Does that make me a nerd?

liz said...


Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I have read some of the nerd books and think they are really neat (just the right amount of romance and lots of humor)

And wow...seems that everyone who commented is done or almost done w/ Christmas shopping...I am a bit behind...

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays,