Saturday, November 04, 2006

Joining in - Annie West

Speaking of virgins (yes, Trish, a fascinating topic) consider me in virgin territory here. Am hoping I manage to post this blog without doing something totally bizarre as my blogging experience is seriously limited.

Thanks, Lee, for the invitation to join in on the blog. I'm with Anne - this is so very tempting when compared with the work of writing! A warm hello to everyone else here.

I've read some great books recently with virginal heroines, though it's not something I particularly look for in a story. As Sandra said, it depends on the book.

Just for the thrill of it I've included the cover of my Mistress for the Taking (yes, it's my first Presents). After all, one of the main characters is sexually inexperienced. Three guesses which one.

I have to say that some of the books that stick in my mind have had the hero as a virgin. Now, that's something different. What do other people think? Have you read any books like that? Did they work for you?

I'm smiling at Anne's concern about the looming middle of her next book. I'm at that stage now. I'd just decided to slash a minor character from the text as I'd convinced myself he was unecessary. A few minutes later he was in my head having a fascinating conversation with my heroine. It was all interesting stuff that really should be in the book. It looks like Anne's not the only one to have troubles in the middle of a story!


Fiona Lowe said...

Annie,your cover is gorgeous. Have fun wrestling those secondary characters into submission.

Anna Campbell said...

Personally, I'm all in favour of virginal heroes. Perhaps because I'm in the process of writing one and I"m finding it really fascinating. But then I like twists on the genre's favourite story lines. It's what keeps romance novels fresh. Loved your blog, Annie. And LOVE your cover! Good luck with your first book.

Anne McAllister said...

Annie, I can hardly wait for your first Presents!

And I have a definite interest in virgin heroes, having written about two of them. They were definitely books of my heart -- and I loved the heroes.

Annie West said...

Thanks everyone, for the kinds comments about my cover. I'm thrilled by the look of my first Presents.

Anna, I know that becoming acquainted with your new character has reinforced my interest in these heroes. Like you, I love the way they twist the genre's classic plots around.

Anne, what were the titles of those two books? I don't have them in my stash and would be interested in looking out for them.

Vanessa Barneveld said...
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