Thursday, November 30, 2006

Introducing Anna Campbell

Hello, everyone!

Thank you so much, Lee, for inviting me to blog on your site. You've got such a great selection of talent here, I'm in awe.

Yes, I'm another new author! Nice to see so many of us about. My book CLAIMING THE COURTESAN comes out next April as an Avon Romantic Treasure. It's a dark intense Regency historical about the Duke of Kylemore and his mistress Soraya, London's most notorious courtesan. You can read an excerpt at but in the meantime, I'm really happy to share my gorgeous cover. There are a lot of exciting moments in the life of a new author but I've got to say getting this wonderful cover was one of the best. I hope you're drooling over it just like I am! Oh, dear, NOT an attractive image! Sorry.

Another exciting moment was seeing the advance review copies of my story. That happened about a week ago and I'm still doing the happy dance. I wrote for many, MANY years before I sold and I really thought I'd never hold a book with my name on it. So getting those copies was a dream come true for me. If you'd like to see what all my squealing was about, I'm offering one of those ARCs as a prize in my December contest through my website.

It's starting to get really warm over here in Australia. The rise in temperature always starts me thinking about Christmas approaching. We - or at least my family and friends - seem to do an odd mixture of Old World traditions with New World fun at this time of year. We always stuff ourselves silly with turkey and plum pudding and have Christmas trees and I seem to get a lot of Christmas cards with snow on them (ironic given our sweltering temperatures). On the other hand, Christmas always makes me think of the beach and long summer days watching the cricket or lying by the pool or eating seafood in the shade while I watch the sun turn the grass brown. I love the melding of old and new!

And one of the things I love about this time of year is that, even amongst all the frantic rushing around, I still seem to find time to settle down with a couple of good books. I'd love to know what's on the top of your TBR pile. I'm always looking for recommendations!

Best wishes and happy lead-in to the holidays!



Annie West said...

Hi Anna,

Welome to Tote Bags 'n' Blogs. Congratulations on your first book! I understand totally the thrill of all those firsts. And I know you'll enjoy receiving reader feedback on your brilliant first publication (I can say that truthfully since I've read an advance copy).

My to be read pile is tipping over at the moment - just too much there to list. I'm really hoping for some serious reading time over Christmas!


deseng said...

Hi Anna,

A big hearty Congratulations on your first book! What a thrill to have that first one come out on the stands! Also, welcome to the blog site! It sure is nice to have you here. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

As for your question, my TBR pile is huge! One rotating shelving unit plus a small one next to it hold all my TBR books. They are all organized by authors, and genres. I like to be neat! Ha, ha!

I will list the ones that I was planning on reading next.
"Texas Bad Boys" by Rosemary Laurey, Karen Kelley, and Dianne Castell
"The Undomestic Goddess" by Sophie Kinsella
"Dirty Little Lies" by Julie Leto
"Ahead of the Game" by Susan Ledbetter
"Black Silk" by Metsy Hingle
and many, many others.

Tammy said...

Hi Anna,

Congrats on your first book!

For a change my TBR pile is down, which for me is actually normal this time of year. I"ll start to increase it again in the next couple of weeks - lol - birthday and christmas gift cards you know :-)


Anne McAllister said...

Gorgeous cover, Anna! I am looking forward to the book. Have barely had time to dip into my TBR pile yet. Annie's new book is on it - I just got it from England. Will be putting yours there, too, before long, I hope.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Annie! Thanks, Anne!Deseng, thanks for sharing some of your TBR pile - I'll check those out. I just finished Kathryn Smith's Be Mine Tonight, a really good vampire book, and I'm not that into vampires! So one has come off the top of the TBR pile. Madeline Hunter's Lady of Sin is next cab of the rank. Tammy, a book is just the BEST present, isn't it? Hope you get lots in the next few weeks! Happy reading, everyone!

Martha said...

Hi! I love the cover of the new book. It looks great. Ican't wait to read it. I don't have a tbr pile - I have a tbr room!! Bookshelves that are overflowing in to sacks! So many books, so little time. Merry Christmas.