Monday, November 20, 2006

Dashing Through the Mall???

Don't hate me because...well, I've all but finished my Christmas shopping. I know, I know, you're muttering that I'm sick. I am. But rather than calling it sick, I like the term, foibles. But the foible that makes me hate shopping in the midst of Christmas craziness, means I'm done early and can just relax while everyone else runs around like crazy! And that foible is what inspired my novella, Deck the Halls, for this month's Harlequin Anthology, Dashing Through the Mall. My heroine, Joy, is feeling frazzled by the holiday crowds and by the nonstop Christmas carols. But the whipped topping on top of her holiday angst is the fact she has to shop with a Dr. Ed Hall and his three sons on Christmas Eve. Joy's not feeling very...well, joyful at the thought! Oh, did I mention that I have four kids, so I understand the horrors of trying to keep them on task in a mall full of tempting distractions!

So, what are you...early-bird shoppers, or last minute shoppers???

Oh, and you don't have to dash to any mall to enter my contest for a chance win a cool little handcrafted purse. The fabric, though it's hard to tell from the picture, is a library bookshelf...perfect for writers and readers! The contest is at

Hope you all have a happy holiday, whether you're shopping early or late!



Kate Walker said...

Hi lovely Holly !
Welcome to the blog - how great to see you here! Christmas shopping? Well, I was lucky - I spent a weekend in Wales last week and on the way home DH and I stopped in Malvern where they have wonderful craft/jewellery shops - so I did all I needed for the 'girls' in my life- scarves, earring, bracelets . . .

That's all done - but now I have the problem of the men - not so easy! I have no ideas either - why are men so difficult to buy for?

Oh well, I have half of it done

SO looking forard to reading Joy's story.



hollyjacobs said...


Men are the pits to buy for! I got my dh a collector's volume of an artist we collect. It's got copies of his prints, and one original piece of art, all leather-bound and pretty! And he's getting golf shoes! But the other "boys" in my life aren't as easy. We're going with tools...over the years I've gotten great at buying Craftsman stuff for my husband, and now branching out to daughters' boyfriends.

It's so good to talk to you!!


Ivka said...

Hi Holly and Kate!

Nice to see you Kate!

To answer Holly's question.
I am done more than half of my shopping!Rest of the gifts I will go to buy 1st week of December.
I Never go on Black Friday, that is just to crazy for me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Holly and Kate have a great Thursday.

deseng said...

Hi there Holly,

I have my christmas shopping done because my husband buys his presents to himself from me thoughout the year. Seriously! I do the same thing. Then, we both wrap at Xmas time and put our special touches to the present along with a nice note. We also buy surprise presents for each other also.

I usually buy presents for my mom towards the end of the year because she is so easy to buy for. She likes perfume, nail polish, make-up, gift certificates, and kitchen items. So I never have a problem there.

My nieces I just mail them gift certificates since they live far away from me. So, my shopping is done usually pretty much on time.

Happy Thanksgiving by the way!

HollyJacobs said...

Ivka, I'll be thinking of you husaband and daughter are thinking about going out as well. I plan to hermit in my quiet house! LOL

Michelle, That's a lovely way to do it!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Tammy said...

:::waving at Holly::

You probably don't remember me, but we met when I was working at the mall - waldenbooks. I was the person who was always arranging the signings - up till a couple of years ago.

I managed to get all my shopping done early this year - first time in forever. LOL UPS and USPS know me by heart, I did 99.99% of my shopping online this time. ONly had to pick up 2 items for my sister and did that last week. NO WAY was I going shopping on Black Friday.

Hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving!


HollyJacobs said...

Hi, Tammy!! How nice to hear from you! Of course I remember you!

Congrats on getting your shopping done! I love my USPS and UPS guys! They always bring me the most fun stuff! Glad you like yours as well! We didn't do any sales today, but did take a trip to North East and bought a ton of wine for the holidays!!

Make sure you keep in touch!!